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                                                                                           HEAD OFFICE 

Abbreviated name : DONARUCO
Address : Trung Tam Hamlet- Xuan Lap Commune - Long Khanh Town - Đồng Nai Province.
Tel : 0251.3724444
Fax : 0251.3724123
Email : dn@donaruco.vn
Website : donaruco.vn
  Representative Office In Ho Chi Minh
Address : 39, Ben Van Đon street , ward. 12, Dist.. 4,
    Ho Chí Minh.City
Tel : (84) 028.39400345
Fax : (84) 028.39400874
Email : xnk@donaruco.vn
Chairman : Mr Nguyen Tien Duc
General Director : Mr Do Minh Tuan
Charter Capital : 1.707.104.480.901 VND

Business Activities Of DONGNAI RUBBER CORPORATION Include : 
       Cultivation. Manufacture of chemicals, fertilizers and rubber, packaging and wood products consumption, grain products, PE products from rubber materials, fresh concrete (concrete) construction materials: precast concrete types, bearing drains, sewers centrifugation. Industrial and civil engineeing texture design.Irrigation and traffic construction of civil works, industry.Business travel services, hotels.Processing of building stones. Investment in construction and real estate business . Manufacturing, processing, repairing equipment and mechanical products.Construction of power systems and industrial activities.Cargo crane services.Construction of the wastewater treatment works. Construction of water supply for civil and industrial. Business fuel .  Business types of electrical and mechanical parts. Investment in construction projects and infrastructure of industrial parks . Investment rubber planting projects and livestock  
Introduct :
      Dong Nai Rubber Company (Internation name : DONGNAI RUBBER CORPORATION, Abbreviated name : DONARUCO ), is a Company Limited A Member, established under Decision No. 1279/QD-BNN-DMDN May 04, 2009 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Group's Vietnam rubber Industry owned, operated in the parent company and subsidiary companies, inherit the business lines of the Company Dong Nai rubber previously oriented business integrated, multi-sector, which produces business is growing, care, mining and processing natural rubber. Rubber area currently manages more than 43 822 ha, of which the area is exploiting rubber on 21,000 hectares. The annual output of the mining corporations are stable at 30,000 tonnes
Regarding the organizational structure comprises 13 farm, 02 Enterprise (rubber processing factory with 04 plants and Transportation Engineering Enterprise), 01 Hospital bed size 140), 01 cultural centers chemical, 1 hotel in Dalat and 11 division, with 12.884 workforce; 07 Company Shares by the Corporation holds a controlling stake: JSC Dau Giay Industrial Zone JSC, Long Khanh Industrial Zone JSC , Corporation Hang Gon rubber,  Bao Lam Rubber JSC, Dong Nai Rubber JSC-Kratie (Cambodia), Wood Processing Joint Stock Company Rubber Dong Nai, Vietnam Phu Tin Co., Ltd. and 02 company and 100% owned by the Corporation real Estate company Limited Rubber Dong Nai Rubber company Limited Dong Nai - Northern Laos. In addition, the Company's capital contribution linking to some Rubber Joint Stock Company in the North West, the construction company shares, real estate investment, industrial parks, residential, commercial and services ... to improve the efficiency of business of the Corporation.
The product range mainly includes: Latex, CV50, CV60, SVR 3L, SVR 5L ... appropriate quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, won the trust of customers at home and abroad. Products Corporation has been awarded the Gold Quality Award Vietnam for many years, and Asia Quality Award in 2007. Department of Total Quality Management Company is equipped with measuring equipment, advanced testing , a team of engineers, experienced staff qualified National Laboratory. Enterprise Transportation Mechanical Corporation is ready to receive the design, fabrication and installation of rubber processing equipment fabrication of storage tanks with a capacity of <100 m3; fabrication of specialized equipment used in the field of mechanical engineering, automotive repair, cargo transport ... 
RUBBER CORPORATION Dong Nai was awarded the title Hero of Labor Hero Armed Forces and the renovation period and many other honors. 
RUBBER CORPORATION NAI always ready to cooperate with all partners, all economic sectors at home and abroad in the fields of cultivation, extraction and processing of rubber; trade, exports of rubber; Science and engineering in the field of natural rubber and the business sector, other services
• Unit HEROES PEOPLE'S ARMED FORCES (Decision No. 495/2005 / QD / CTN On 23/5/2005). 
• Unit Labor Hero (Decision No. 643/2007/QD-CTN). 
• Third-class Independence Medal (Decision No. 735 KT-CTN 1996). 
• Second-class Independence Medal (Decision No. 1023/2004/QD/CTN 2004). 
• Victory Medal runner (KT-1263 Decision CTN 1997). 
• First Class Labor Medal (Decision 777/KT/HDNN7 1985), Second (Decision No. KT-193 QD HDNN 1982), Third (1979). 
• Independence Medal first class (Decision No.1955/2009/QD/CTN) 
Excellent Emulation Flag of the People's Committee of Dong Nai Province about 18 years continuously from 1990 to 2008. 
Government's Emulation Flag, flag emulation of General Rubber Company Vietnam (now Group Vietnam Rubber Industry), Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development 
• 1 Labor Hero
• 5 units of the Armed Forces Hero of the People
• 9 Independence Medal First Class, second or third. 
• 3 Achievement Medal third. 
• 10 Class Labor Medal. 
• 21 second-class Labor Medal. 
• 47 third-class Labor Medal. 
• 178 Merit Prime Minister. 
• 3842 Merit Corporation Vietnam Rubber (Group Now the Vietnam Rubber Industry). 
• 2708 Merit People's Committee of Dong Nai Province. 
- Vietnam Gold Star Award 2011.2013 
- 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2013 
- 1000 corporate income tax Vietnam's largest enterprise 2011.2013 
- Exporter reputation from 2007 to 2013 
- The national brand award 2012 
- Award for the development of the ASEAN Community in 2011 
- Award for International Economic Integration II 2010 
- For the development of Agriculture, Farmers, Rural First 2010